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Australian Racing Cyclists

'Elite' Class and

'Super Elite' cyclists biographies listed by states

As researched by Sid Freshwater for  CYCLE SEARCH AUSTRALIA 

Cyclist Records (oldest / youngest etc)

Australian Cyclists articles

Overseas Cyclists , only a few because we concentrate mainly on Australian cyclists

Elite Rider Status Guide Formula  

pre-1900 Elite Men Cyclists

1901-1918 Elite Men Cyclists  

1919-1940 Elite Men Cyclists

1941-1960 Elite Men Cyclists

1961-1980 Elite Men Cyclists

1981-2000 Elite Men Cyclists

1919-1980 Elite Women Cyclists

Olympic Cycling Team Members-Men,

Olympic Cycling Team Members-Women

     CYCLE SEARCH AUSTRALIA  is successfully progressing with Era by Era listings of Elite Australian Racing Cyclists, of each State, as per an all States Formula - up to year 2000, (with consideration to eventually extending to later years).      Cycle Search Information is being accepted for viewing on this web site, and by www.aussiecycling.com.au.champions  courtesy of Alban McGuiness) 

     From the State Listings a National Listing is being developed, of “Super Elite Australian Cyclists”, and including brief performance profiles of each as available.   Some riders have an estimation of their cycling career years or ‘peak performance’ year/s, in brackets, after their name.    (We seek such research assistance about the others).   Some States have already supplied draft profiles of some of their riders.    In due course, there will be more lengthy and detailed profiles of ‘The More Prominent’ Super Elite.   Some of those being researched or currently listed may not comply with the formula, but eventually there will be a separate listing for those considered as Super but not as Prominent.    We invite any suggestions about recording this history of our best cyclists or how it could be handled differently  To-date the exercise is unsponsored  and completely honorary.        .

 Additions will be made as research progresses.    Any assistance in writing will  be appreciated .(especially if accompanied by printed matter)    Riders not included, but who consider they comply with the formula, are invited to apply.    A separate listing of Elite Women Cyclists  has been commenced----Refer below.

 Comments in writing invited.  Please include a stamped addressed envelope if a reply required..

      Sid Freshwater, OAM, Hon. Historian, 12 Hawkesbury Espl. Sylvania Waters, NSW 2224.


Elite Rider Status Guide Formula



(For use as a guide by the CycleSearch Committee and subject to Committee interpretation and/or variation without notice.  This is not an official A.C.F. Formula or Listing)   

Compilation of a listing of Elite Australian Racing Cyclists of more than a Century, is a mammoth task, and some errors or differences of opinion may show up. Cyclists are listed in their State of cycling origin. The Committee welcomes the nomination (for consideration) of any other cyclist/s considered to now be. OR have been ‘Elite’.

From the State listings, a National Listing is planned,-- of Super Elite Prominent Australian Cyclists  (and including performances Profiles of each,  as available )


      Minimum Requirement. (Any one of twelve necessary to be nominated as ‘Elite’)

1/   Members of an Australian Olympic Team

2/   Medal winners in World Championships

3/   Medal winners in Games Championships (Such as Commonwealth/Oceana)

4/   Successful Internationals of a level recognised  by the Elite Status Committee.

5/   Australian Individual Championship winners, including Olympic selection test races.

6/   Winners of the major Tour of each State (Of no less than four days)

7/   Winners of a major Six Days track race of any State.

8/   Two performances ‘in total’--- Such as Fastest Time in any two of the major road handicaps of any State/s .(Of no less than 100 km)        and/or

      Winner of any two major massed start races (of no less than 100 km) in any State.

9/   Breakers of all Australian Federation approved individual road records (Of no less

     than 100km ) and of track records over U.C.I. approved distances

10/  State Road Championship winners (Of no less than 100km)

11/  Three performances ‘in total’     Winners of any three or more of State track and/or State Road Championships of any distance. Subject to Elite Status Committee consideration in each case)

12/  Any other rider considered ‘Elite’by the Elite Status Committee in recognition of

       exceptional performance/s


(The above Formula numbers are used for quick reference in Status and other listings)

 Any former cyclist who complies with any of the above clauses but to date is not

listed, (or a person on behalf of any deceased cyclist) is invited to contact the CycleSearch Committee

                                                                                                CycleSearch Committee  31/03/02


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Nineteenth Century Elite



Western Aust: J. Beck, A J. Brown, Cec Dent, T. Jewell (1898/1903), HK. Kingsbury, Billy McDonald, R. O.. Law, Jack Parsons (Ex Vic), Bill Smith

South Aust: Murray Auger (1899/1905), Richard ‘Dick’ Davis (1884/88), J. Mullins, Eddie Wilksch (1896/1905)

Tasmania: Frank Beauchamp (1894/1903), A. Bishop (1880/1903), Alfred Crisp (1895/6), Alf Grenda (1889/1893), J. Robertson (1898/9), Fred Keefe (1898/1905) 

Victoria: V. Adams, George Broadbent (1895/1903), James Busst (1890), Tom Busst, A. Calder (1895)Jim Carpenter (1894/97), M. Chappell, Don Charleston (1895), W. Collins (1898), G W. Davis (1895), Con Dwyer (1885/90), W J. Elliott, George Farley (1899/1906), Charles Forbes (1899/1905), Steve Gordon (1890/1904), Jack Green (Ex UK)Arthur Greenfield (1899)Bill Hawley, Paddy Hehir, H. B. James (1895/1902), WC. ”Newhaven” Jackson (1897/1903), Charles Kellow (1895/1896), Ken Lewis (1890/96), W. H.. Lewis, Billy McDonald (1897/1905), Albert Arthur Middleton (1893/1900), George Morgan (1898/1905), J. J.. Mullens (1899), W. Nichols (1895), W. L.. Park (1897) Jack Parsons (1893/1906), F. H.. Shackleton (1884), Don Walker (1895/1904) 

Queensland: FW. Belbridge (1885), W. Dowd (1889/1900), Ben Goodson (1895/1890), JE. Harris (1895), W. Johnstone (1884), Ernie Pye (1897/1900), CE. Swensson (1895), J. A.. Smith (1895/97), P. Davis (1902)Harry Isles, Lou Isles, H. Thompson (1899/1902), Ted Rodgers (snr), J. A.. Smith, C. W. StewartGeorge Stombaco, Bob Walne (1896/1901)

New South Wales: AE. Brown, Charles Bennett (1885), C. Cameron (1899/1902), Steve GordonH. B.. James (1898/1905), W. L.. Kerr (1890/96), Charles Littlechild, Joe Megson (1893/1902), Dick Mutton, CH. New (1898)J. Payne (1898), W. E. Shrimpton (1895/1900), E.W. L. Simpson (1894), D. Ellis, R. W. Taylor (1899/1903), GR. Woods (1895) 


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1901 to 1918 Elite

Western Aust: HP. BrowneJoe Campbell, AJ. DaviesAlex Jewell, HA. Kingsley, Jack Mousdale, Billy McDonaldCharley Nalty, Joe Pianta, Ossie Prouse (Sen), S. Rowe, Frank Schryver, Les K. Smith, Alex Wann, C. G. Weaver, Cecil J. WhiteA. E. Wright   

South Aust: Murray Aunger (1899/1905), A. J. ’Jackie’ Clark (1901/15), Fred Scheps (1900/1905), J. MullinsEddie Wilksch       

Tasmania: Alf Grenda (1909/26), Fred Keefe (1898/1905), J. H. Royle (1919)

Victoria: Jack Arnst (NZ), George BroadbentDG. Cupples, A. Charles Forbes, Maurice ”Jack” Fitzgeralld, Alf Goulett (1909/1924), Paddy Hehir, Don Kirkham, A. McDonald, Billy McDonald, George Morgan‘Snowy’ Munro, Ernie Pye, Harry Thomas, H. G. O’CallaghanC. ’Brownie’ Stevens, Don Walker, Gordon Walker   

Queensland: T. AthertonPS. Berry (1904/1907), JA. Bell (1910), SE. ChandlerP. Davis (1902), W. Dowd, J. GibsonJack King, C. ReillyTed Rodgers (Snr), Vic SchultzFred Sheppard, J. T. Trousell, H. Thompson (1902), AC. Weston, Bob Walne 

New South Wales: A. Beck (1913)OH. Brook (1904/06), Cec Burness, Stan Burtinshaw (1913/15), H. ColemanFrank Corry, W. G. Cox (1906), Charles Cutcliffe (1910/12), Silas EdworthyD. Ellis (1902), Ernie Fowler, Gerald Halpin, Reub HazeltonCC. Hooper, T. Hopkins, George Horder (1905/20), Horrie Horder (1920/31), Harris Horder (19/1931), WS. Knox, Tom Larcombe, R. Lawrence, W. LawsonCharles Littlechild, Hamilton "Ambo" Lundie, Herb Maxwell, Percy E. MuttonV. McLean, Reg McNamaraE. W. Pederson, E. Priestley, F. Ray, Ken RossW. SchneiderAlbert Scott, Bob Spears (1912/20), AE. TaylorR. W. Taylor, H. Thompson, T. Tracey, AC. WalcottCecil Walker (1918/30), A. C. Weston    


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1919 to 1940 Elite


Western Aust: Norm Abbott, Bill AndersonLes Andrews, Bill Appleton, Ken Block, WA. ’Bill’ Bonser, Tom Bridge, Les Brickhill, GregChipper, Les Cugley, Fred Davies, Ray Felton, Merv Finn, Jack Gerke, Stan Gurney, Art Hall, Don Hill, Fred Jones, Tom NorrisJoe Parmley, Ossie Prouse (Nephew), Bill ReadAlf Schultz, Eddie Smith, Harold K. Smith, Les K. Smith, Cyril Sowden, Cec Trgilless, Bill Worsley, Fred Watson 

South Aust: Arne Bate, Howie Brady, Sid Grivell, Ern HarveyW. McPhee, Bill Moritz, Syd Rowe, Frank ThomasLloyd Thomas, Phil Thomas, Keith Thurgood, Dean Toseland, Pat Vietch, Dean Whitehorne 

Tasmania: Steve Barker (1935)R. Beauchamp (1931), M. Coombe (1928/33), Fred Davies (1934), Viv Green (1934), R. Harris (1935)G. Hawksford (1933), J. Hicks (1935), A. Jones (1935), Jack Kinnane (1928/1938), G. Males (1932)E. Meadocraft (1933/35), M. McQueen (1932/33), Ossie Nicholson (1907), Keith Oliver-Sen (1928), RJ. Ransome(1932), Frank Smith (1924/35), WH. Tyson (1929/31), L. Woodward (1926/27) 

Victoria: Allan AngusA. Armott, F. Ashby, Ernie BainbridgeAlby Barlow, John Beasley (Sen), Bob Broadbent, E. Broadbent, H. BroadbentA. Brown, Dick Cruise, Harry CruiseC. Currie, George Dempsey, J. Dowling, Maurice 'Jack' Fitzgerald, C. FosterL. Foster, Eric Gibaud, Reg Goodwin, Bill Guyatt, Herb Guyatt, Roy JohnstonTassy Johnston, Don Kirkham, R. W. ’Fatty’ Lamb, Max LangshawM. Lynch, Charles Milliken, Ernie Milliken, C. Mineham, J. Mulloy, A. McDonald, Ben Ogle, Sir Hubert Opperman, Percy OsborneA. Price, SE. Ramsden, L. Roy, W. F. ’Hefty’ StuartC. ’Bowie’ Stevens, Frank Thomas, Pat Veitch, Jack WatsonChris Wheeler, A. Yuile, J. Yuile

Queensland:  TA. Arnold, Syd AshbyRon Barnett, Arty Beaufoy, T. Briggs, Angello Castagnola, Les Cecil, Harry Clayton, P. ConwayA. F. Drews, E. H. Drews, L. Fitzgerald, Lloyd Jeffers, Jack King, F. Manual, T. H. ’Bert’ MarshallJ. Monk, Bill Muir, Les G. Munro, J. E. McBrian, B. McCarthy, B. J. McDougall, Arch McLennan, Bill Penshorn, S. ’Jos’ PowellC. Scanlan, Eddie Sheppard, Eris Sheppard, Les SmithJ. Trousdell, Tom S. Wallace, C. Watt, W. F. WearneFred Wruck 

New South Wales: Harry Aldrich, Jimmie BeerH. Bay, Arthur Betteridge, Ray Brooking, Joe G. BuckleyStan Burtinshaw, Jack Christison, Wally Coppins, Frank CorryGeorge Dempsey, Mick Fitzgerald, AC. Flood, Bill ’BomBom’ Freebairn, Jerry GouldNorm Gilroy, Arthur Gray, Dunc GrayGerald Halpin, George Hammond, A. Hannon, Harris Horder, Horrie Horder, George Huddleston, Roy Hulls, B. Jack, Edgar Johns, Fred Kerz, Mick LittleA. Maeir, A. Manatova, Dick Marshall, Alic McBeath, George McLeod, Don McGregor, Reggie McNamara, Bruce McWhirter, Fred Nelson, Horrie Pethybridge, Stan ParsonsBob Porter, Joe Rodgers, Len Rogers, Ken RossR. Rowe, Jack Seiffert, Alan G.,Scott, Arthur Scotton, Jack Simms, Hughie Smith, Bob Spears, Jack Standen, Alf Strom, Cecil Walker, Jack Walsh, Greg ’Reggie’ Williams, Charles Winterbottam, Bob WorthingtonCE. JockeyWright 

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1941-1960 Elite


Western Aust: Ted Abbott, John Adams (Vic & WA), Roy Appleton, Nelson Burton, Geoff Baker, Eddie Barron, Peter Bartells, Bill ’Totti’ Bonser, Don Brown, Norm Burdus, Don Campbell, Lindsay Cox, Noel Davey, Cliff Digney, Stan Fennell, Bill Gilbride, Ray Hammond, Don Hill, Tony Kelleher, Wayne Lally, Zick Lucas, Horrie Marshall, Ken Norris, Jack Norris, Jim Oliver, John OliverBill Oakley, Mick O’Sullivan, Peter Mehan, Peter Panton, John Perks, Terry Pierce, Dave Roberts, Les SucklingOwen Suckling, Dave Stevenson, Nev Veale (Tas & WA), Henk Vogels (Sen), Barry Waddell

South Aust: Clem Bairstow, Eric Bairstow, Max Hayes, Stan Heritage, John Law, Peter Nelson, Jim Nestor, Peter Pryor, Colin Shaw, Frank Spears, Keith Thurgood, Merv Turner, L. Trickey, Rex Webster, Dean Whitehorn

Tasmania: Viv Blazely, John Campbell, llPB ’Brusher’ Clarke, R. L. Cubitt, H. Dowling, Graeme French (1954), Ron Grenda, Terry Higgins, Jim Hill, Tony Hobson (1957), Don Hodgkinson, Jack Hoobin, Len Jamieson, K. Kilmartin, John Law, Alex Osborne, Murray F. Pickett, Don Scoles, Joseph McIntyre ’Mac’ Sloane, Charlie Smith, Neville Veale, Harry Willemson, Les Whittle

Victoria: Ian Anderson, Randrews, Ron Baensch, Ron Barclay, Peter BartelsJohn Beasley, John Black, Ian Brown, Vic Browne, Hilton Clark, Jack Cooper, Lindsay Cocks, Barry Coster, Warwick Dalton, Tom Delaney, Colin FitzgeraldGraeme French, Alan Geddes, Eric Gibaud, George Goodwin, John Green, Alan Grindal, Bill Guyatt, Herb Guyatt, Tom Harrison, John Hind, Richard Hine, Mick Hollingworth, Jack Hoobin, Tas Johnson, J. Leahy, Gary Jones, Tony Marchant, Russell Mockridge, Alan Munro, Keith McFarlane, Les McLean, Doug McLeod, George Nevin, Jack Nevin, Jim Nevin, Bruce Opperman, John O’Sullivan, Peter Panton, Sid PattersonBob Pearson, John Perry, Dick Ploog, Garry Reardon, Keith ReynoldsKeith Rowley, Max Rowley, John Rush, Keith Salton, John Sanders, Alby Saunders, Geoff Smith, Colin Smythe, Graham Stabell, Kevin Stiefler, E. ’Hefty’ Stuart, Hec Sutherland, Bill Toohey, John Trickey, John Young

Queensland: Jack Attwell, A. Baker, Ron Barnett, Arty Beaufoy, Mick Birrer, Phil Breene, Tony Brenna, Robert Carmichael, Frank Carrol, Col Caves, Ken Caves, Russel Clark, Ray Dahms, Eric Drake, Kev Fallon, Don Graham, Des Gustavson, Bernie Hacker, Jim Hannah, J. Hansen, Bill Heseltine, Eddie Humphries, I. Jenner, Bill Lawrie, John Laws, Jeff Leslie, Lance Lough, Mel McDougall, M. McGoldrick, L. McGrath, Kev McGuinness, Ray Meredith, Harry Nock, Bill Penshorn, Joe Sheehan, Eric Sheppard, N. Stefferson, Mike Victor, F. Weaver, Howard Webb, R. Williams, John Wruck,

New South Wales: Doug Adams, Peter Anthony, Fred Arnold, Roger Arnold, Noel Ballard, Charles Bazzano, Jim Beer, Graham Bewley, Frank Brazier, Clif Burvill, George Burrows, Arthur Cater, Ian Chapman, Jack Christison, Tom Clegborn, Les Cook, Bill Cooper, Lionel Cox, Stan Daly, Brian Drew, Barry Duggan, Terry Flanagan, Bob France, Barry Fry, Gary Fry, N. Furness, Ferrucio Giovanetti, C. Goodsell, Lern Hammond, Brian Hayden, Cec Heath, Morrie Horder, Harold Jenson, Harold Johnson, G. Jones, John Kohlenberg, Max Langshaw, Bob Leach, Ian Leary, Don Lelliott, Leo Leonard, Keith Manny, D. Matthews, Roy Moore, D. McDougall, W. Nicholls, George Orr, Len Rogers, Tom O’Donnell, Bruce Opperman, Dick Paris, Neil Peadon, Horrie Pethybridge, Ray Piper, Bob Porter, Peter Pryor, Fred Roche, Laurie Rogers, Warren Scarfe, Ernie ScottonEddie Smith, Roy Still, Alf Strom, Gary Sutton, Shane Sutton, John Tresidder, Harry Vincin, Jack Walsh, Jim Walton, Rob Whetters, Don WilliamsGreg ’Reggie’ Williams, Tom Williams, Kevin Wylie, Eric ’Oppy’ Young, VicYoung.


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1961-1980 Elite


Western Aust: Syd. BrainbridgeBevan Barron, Mal Barker, Wayne Bavin, Steele Bishop, Phil Bristow-Stagg, Dianne Brtown, Alan Hunter, Ron Burton, Ian Chapman (WA & NSW), Evan Collis, Keith Davis (WA & VIC), Tony Davis, Geoff Dwyer, Mike Dye, Robert Ferguson, Bill Gordin, Murray Hall (Vic & WA), Jeff Hawkins, Bruce Hunt, Tony Kelleher, Jim Kryan, Russel Miller (VIC & WA), Graeme McVilly (TAS & WA), Peter Panton, Peter Robinson, Rick Scarrott, Bob Scott, Kevin Spencer, Don Stallard, Gary Suckling, Les Suckling, Laurie Tognolini, Gill Tionduit, Eric Turner, Henk Vogels (Sen), Fred Weak, Jack Vucak, Barry Wadell, Rob Waller

South Aust: Robert Baird, John Benger, Karl Bobridge, Allan Gill, G. Horris, Ron Jonker, Graeme Jose, Kelvin Poole, Bob Panter, Mick Powel, Dale RichardsB. D. V. ”Charlie” Walsh, Gary West

Tasmania: Frank Atkins, Grant Atkins, Nigel Barwick, J. Benger, Don Campbell, Garry CampbellIan Campbell, Danny Clark, Graeme French, D. Gleeson, Graeme Gilmore, Michael Grenda, Ron Grenda, G. Horris, Michael Leslie, Kevin Morgan, Graeme McVilly, Mark Osborne, Glen Ion, D. Thompson, Roly Sloane, Charlie Smith, Laurie Venn, Harry Willemson, Michael Wilson, Kerry Woods.

Victoria: Don Allen, Phil AndersonRon Baensch, Peter Bartels, Peter Besanko, Ray Bilney, Ron Boyle, Bill Bowker, Kevin Brislin, Ian Browne, Vic Browne, Jan Bylsma, Ian Chandler, Joe Ciavola, Glen Clarke, K. Evans, Malcolm Hill, Hilton Clarke, K. Davis, Tom Delaney, R. Ferguson, Colin Fitzgerald, S. Goodhall, A. Goodrope, Alan Grindall, Murray Hall, G. Hammond, Terry Hammond, W. Hammond, Tom Harrison, M. Hill, Wayne Hildred, John Hird, John Hine, Mick Hollingsworth, Gordon Johnson, Bill Knevitt, Bill LawrieMichael Lynch, Peter McDermott, J. X. McDonough, Graeme McVilly, Matt Martino, R. Mondey, Ray Morley, John Nicholson, John O’Sullivan, Rick Patterson, Sid Patterson, Daryl Perkins, John Perry, Max Rainsford, T. Rowley, A. Sansonetti, Remo Sansonetti, Sal Sansonetti, Phil Sawyer, Clyde Sefton, D. Shaw, Geoff Smith, Terry StacyIan Stringer, Gary Sutton, John Thorson, Bill Toohey, John Trevorrow, Cary Trowell, Les Wearne, Garry Wiggins, Trevor Williamson, C. Wilson, Don Wilson, Dean Woods

Queensland: W. Abood, Karry Carmichael, Russel Clarke, Noel Clauss, Robnert Cowman, Jim Cross, Robert Crossley, Mike Dagwell, G. Dunstan, Brian Ferris, D. Geddes, Mike Glinderman, Robert Glinderman, Stephen Goodall, W. Hubac, Jeff Leslie, Barry Lowe, Brian Mansell, Ray Meredith, Mel McDougal, P. Nock, Bruce Oakhill, Danny O’Neil, Brian Page, John Richards, R. Simpson, D. Thompson, Bryon Tucker, Kendrick Tucker, Bruce Oakhill, Bruce Page, Timo Savamaki, Des Thompson, Mike Victor, R. Wright.

 New South Wales: Vic Adams, Noel Ballard, Greg Barnes, R. Beech, W. Bennett, Don Blackman, Rob Blackman, Kevin Bradshaw, Frank Brazier, Lou Bennett, Kevin Brindle, Kevin Brislin, John Buckley, Keith Bundy, Ian Chapman, Dudley Crowe, Rodney Crowe, Brian Drew, I. Edwards, Bob France, Alex FulcherGeof Garden, Kerry Hoole, David HumphriesJ. Lloyd, Andrew Logan, K. Morgan, Kevin Nichols, Wayne Nichols, Keith Oliver (Jnr), Mal McCredie, Noel McCredie, John McLean, Dick Paris, T. Parkes, Horrie Pethybridge, Ray Piper, A. Robinson, John Ross, Bob Ryan, Eddie Salas, David Scarfe, Ian Scarfe, Warren Scarfe, Graham Seers, Geoff Skaines, Alan Spokes, S. Sunderland, Garry Sutton, Shane Sutton, Gary Teague, Dave Watson, Darryl Wheeler, Rob Whetters, Tom Wills, Don Wilson, John Woodman.


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1981-2000 Elite (Incomplete)


Western Aust: Steele Bishop, C. Brown, Dan Buswell, Tony Davis, Murray Hall, J. Hawkins, Darryn Hill, Paul Hillier, Bruce Hosking, Kirk Kitchen, Peter Meyer, Robert Moro, Adrian Perry, Scott Suckling, Dan Trinne,

South Australia: Brett Aitken, Malcolm Badcock, Darryl Beddome, Allan Gill, Patrick Jonker, Wayne McCarney, Kelvin Poole, Luke Roberts, Chris Turter, Michael Turter, John Walters, Gary West, Malcolm Badcock, 

Tasmania: Danny Clark, Michael Grenda, Stuart O’Grady, Terry O’Shannessy, Grant Rice, Paul Rogaris  

Victoria: Phil Anderson, Peter Besanko, Gary Brooks, Harry BrowneR. Burness, Glen Clarke, Garry Clivelly, Allan Dipple, Ross Forster, Cary Hall, Malcolm Hill, Garry Hammond, Terry Hammond, Ian Hay, Harry Haylan, Wayne Hildred, Shane Kelly, D. King, Paul Medhurst, David McFarlane, Gary Neiwand, Sean O’Brien, Stephen Pate, Rik Patterson, Max Rainsford, Clyde Sefton, Tom Sawyer, Gary Trousell, Laurie Venn, Martin Vinnicombe, Dean Woods 

Queensland: P. Attard, Claude Acheson, Tony Brennan, Paul Brosman, Kerry Carmichael, G. Chadwick, Clint Clark, Harry Clayton, Jim Cross, Robert Crossley, Danny Day, Brett Dennis, Murry Donald, Greg Dwiar, Mark Elliott, K. Fallon, J. French, Stephen Goodall, Waco Hamlin, Ernie Harris, C. Hughes, Cal Hull, Ashley HutchinsonW. Jaenke, Walter Lancaster, Bill Lawrie, Darren Lawson, M. Leahy, Jeff Leslie, Gary MadiganKerrie Mears, Graham Mitchell, Cameron McDonald, Mal McDougall, Robbie Ewan, Scott McGrory, D. Morrison, Bill Neil, Nathan O’NeilNathan Page, Stephen Rooney, S. Schultz, Darren Smith, Byron Tucker, Russel Tucker, Mark Victor, Mike Victor, R. Wright

New South Wales: Michael Aisbitt, Robert Balmer, Mathew Bazzano, Chris Denham, Brett Dutton, Steve Griffith, John Groom, Bart Hickson, Stephen Hodge, Andrew Login, P. Milostic, Stephen McGlede, Brad McGee, Brad Keech, Robert McLachlan, K. Martin, Kevin Nichols, Graham Peadon, David Perry, A. Robinson, N. Russell, Neil Stephens, Eddie Salas, Graham Seers, Barney StGeorge, Clinton Stevenson, Geof Skaines, S. Sunderland, Gary Sutton, Shane Sutton, Phillip Theux, Shane Williams, Chris Wilson



                                                                           Sid Freshwater  13/05/02

Research / Profile assistance for this document has been by Queensland: Jean & Bill James, Ivan Hope, SouthAust: Des Keegan, Keith Thurgood, West Aust: Ken Ward, Geoff Baker

Victoria: John Green and New South Wales: The NSW & Aust. results Committee — Kevin Wetherall, Albert Uyeda, Alban McGuinness, Frank Brazier, Sid Freshwater.


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 Elite Women Cyclists   (Incomplete---Progressing)


1888 Australia’s first ladies cycle race (2 miles) held at Ashfield, NSW & won by Dorothy Morrell

1919 - 1940   Edna Sayers NSW, Jessie Pengilly WA.

1941 - 1960   Joyce Dilger QLD, Joyce Barry NSW, Margaret McLachlan NSW, Mrs Gwen Herd NSW, Valda Solomons NSWD.J. DeJongh, Berenice Wise VICLily Paris NSW, Iris Bent VIC, Monica Collier QLD, June Stebbing VIC, Beryl Titterton VIC

1961 - 1980 A. Beil QLD, Dianne Brown WA, A. Fallapi QLD, Tania Leslie TAS, Peggy O’Shea QLD

1981 - 2000 (incomplete) Kathleen Shannon NSW, Susan Keenan WA, Suzanne Narbey WA, Lucy Tyler-Sharman Ex USA, Jane Slack-Smith WA, Jacqui Uttien WA, Donna Gould, Elizabeth Hepple QLD, Julie Speight, Kathie Watt VIC, Tracy Watson, Michelle Ferris VIC, Mary Grigson MTB ACT, Anna Wilson VIC, Juanita Feldhalm QLD, Alayna Burns ACT, Anna Bayliss MTB VIC, Tracy Gaudrey ACT, Lyndelle Higginson VIC, Cathy Hart QLD. Louise Nolan.QLD, Linda Orrow QLD, Cathy Reardon QLD, D. Harling QLD, Rachel Victor QLD, Vickie Carne NSW, M. Culyer VIC, K. Moody VIC, Jackie Barnett VIC, K. Barrow VIC, Kristy Scrymgeor NSW


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Olympic Cycling Team Members---Men  


1920   to   2000


Games Venues: First Modern Olympic Games, Athens 1896.  Thence 1900 Paris, 1904 St.Louis, 1908 London, 1912 Stockholm, 1916 (Not held), 1920 Antwerp (First Australian cycling  representation by Gerald Halpin & Jack King 1920),  1924 Paris, 1928 Amsterdam, 1932 Los Angeles, 1936 Berlin, 1940 Tokyo (Not held), 1944 (Not Held) 1948 London, 1952 Helsinki, 1956 Melbourne, 1960 Rome, 1964 Tokyo, 1968 Mexico, 1972 Munich, 1976 Montreal, 1980 Moscow, 1984 Los Angeles, 1988 Seoul, 1992 Barcelona, 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney.


Australian Representation-

A: Allan Don VIC 1972, Aitken Brett SA 1992/96, 2000.

B: Broadbent Robert A. VIC 1924, Bazzaano Charles NSW 1948, Browne Ian VIC 1956/60/64, Baensch Ron VIC 1960, Brazier Frank NSW 1956/60, Burvill Cliff NSW 1956, Baird Robert SA 1964, Bilney Ray VIC 1964, Brislin Kevin NSW 1964, Browne Vic VIC 1964, Bylsma Jan VIC 1968/72, Bishop Steele WA 1972, Boyle Ron VIC 1976, Bradshaw Kevin NSW 1980, Burns Robert 1988, Browne Graeme NSW  2000  

C: Coppins Wally NSW 1924, Caves Ken QLD 1948/52, Cox Lionel NSW 1952, Chapman Ian NSW 1960, Clarke Hilton VIC 1968, Clark Danny TAS 1972, Chandler Ian 1976, Carmichael Kerry QLD 1984Clarke Glen VIC 1984, Crowe Robert VIC 1992

D: Dempsey George NSW 1924, Dutton Brett NSW 1988,

E: Evans Cadell (MTB) VIC 1996/2000, Eadie Sean NSW 2000 

F: Fitzgerald Colin VIC 1980, Fairless Stephen NSW 1988, 

G: Gray EL ”Dunc” NSW 1928/32/36, Grindall Alan VIC 1960, Goodall Steve QLD 1976, Goodrope A.VIC 1976, Grenda Michael Tas 1984/96. 

H: Halpin Gerald NSW 1920, Hoobin Jack VIC 1948, Harrison Tom VIC 1964, Hollingsworth Mick VIC 1964, Hill Malcolm WA 1976, Hine John VIC 1964, Humphries David NSW 1964, Hodge Stephen NSW 1996, Hill Darryn WA 1996/2000

J: Johnson Tasman VIC 1936, Jones Gary VIC 1960, Johnson Gordon VIC 1964/68, Jonker Ron SA 1968, Jose Graeme SA 1972, Jonker Patrick SA 1992/96

K: King Jack QLD 1920, Kesting Peter SA.1976, Keech Bruce 1988, Kelly Shane VIC 1992/96/2000

L: Leslie Jeff QLD 1984, Lynch Michael VIC 1984, Lawson Darren QLD 1992, Luke Robert SA 2000Lancaster Brett SA 2000. 

M: Mockridge Russell VIC 1948/52, Marchant Tony VIC 1956, Moore Roy NSW 1956, Morgan Kevin TAS 1968, 

Mc: McCredie Malcolm NSW 1964, McDermott Peter Vic 1968, McCarney Wayne Vic 1988/92, Stephen McGlede NSW 1988/92, McGrory Scott VIC 2000, McGee Brad NSW 1996/2000McLachlan Robert 1992, McEwen Robbie QLD 1996/2000, McDonald Damien.1996

N: Nestor Jim SA 1948/56, Nelson Peter SA 1952, Nevin Jim VIC 1952/56, Nicholson John VIC 1968/72, Nichols Wayne NSW 1976, Nichols Kevin NSW 1976/80/84, Neiwand Gary VIC 1988//92/96/2000

O: O’Sullivan John VIC 1956, O’Brien Sean VIC 1992, O’Grady Stuart SA 1992/96/2000, O’Shannessy Terry TAS 1996, O’Neill Nathan QLD 2000,

P: Patterson Sid VIC 1948, Pryor Peter SA 1952, Ploog Dick.VIC 1956, Perkins Darryl VIC 1964, Paris Dick NSW 1964, Poole Kelvin SA/VIC 1980, 

R: Ramsden Syd E. VIC 1924, Rainsford Max VIC 1984, Rice Grant 199,.Roberts Luke SA 2000, Rogers Michael ACT 2000, Rowney Paul (MTB) NSW 2000

S: Standen Jack NSW 1928, Scarfe Warren NSW 1956/60/80, Smith Geoff VIC 1960, Sansonetti Remo VIC 1972/76/80, Sawyer Phil VIC 1972, Sefton Clyde VIC 1972/76, Skaines Geoff NSW 1976, Sutton Gary NSW 1976/80, Sansonetti Sal VIC 1976, Seers Graham NSW 1980, Scarfe David NSW1980, Stevenson Clayton 1988, Steward Scott 1988, Salas Eddie NSW 1988, Smith Darren QLD 1992, Stephens Neil ACT 1996

T: Trickey John VIC 1956, Trevorrow John VIC 1972, Thorson John VIC 1976, Trowell Gary VIC 1980, Tucker Kenrick QLD 1980/1984, Turter Michael SA 1980/1984

V: Vogels Henk (Sen) WA 1964, Vinnicombe Martin VIC/NSW 1988, Vogels Henk (Jnr) WA 2000,

W: Wheeler Chris VIC 1936, Whetters Rob NSW 1960, Watson Dave NSW 1968, Wilson Don VIC 1968Wilson Michael TAS 1980, Woods Dean VIC 1984/88/92/96, West Gary SA 1984, Watters Elliott 1984, White Mathew NSW 2000, Woods Rob (MTB) NSW 1996/2000


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Olympic Cycling Team Members---Women


1988            DonnaGould     ElizabethHepple QLD    Julie Speight       Kathleen Shannon NSW

  1992   KathyWatt VIC  JacquiUttien WA,     Kathleen Shannon NSW

  1996    MichelleFerris VIC    MaryGrigson(MTB) ACT    LucyTyler-Sharman USA/WA           TracyWatson         KathyWatt VIC                AnnaWilson VIC

  2000  MichelleFerris VIC    MaryGrigson(MTB)ACT     JuanitaFeldhahn QLD

  AlaynaBurns ACT       AnnaBayliss(MTB)VIC        TraceyGaudrey ACT  

  LyndelleHigginson VIC    AnnaWilsonVIC

  ( Pending Federation confirmation - S.R.F. 13/05/02)


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                          THE MORE PROMINENT 'SUPER  ELITE'


To find a name, go to Edit, then Find, then type in the name you are looking for, click on Find Next, and if your particular cyclist is on this page, it will highlight it. 

A brief  history of some of the Ace Australian racing cyclists of the 19th & 20th Century.(With their racing years in brackets)     As ‘Cycle Search‘ research progresses, this listing will grow and also will eventually be  followed by a collection of more lengthy and detailed  profiles of many of these past champions.    Not all riders being researched will comply with the Super Elite Status Formula but,  in due course, a listing of the ‘less prominent super elite’ will be established.   (Info.invited - to Sid Freshwater, Honorary Historian, 12 Hawkesbury Esp., Sylvania Waters, NSW 2224)


Western Australia.

Bill Bonser, Stan Gurney, Nick Lucas, Norm Burdus, Jessie Pengilly, Steele Bishop, Barry Waddell, Peter Panton, 


Bill’Totti’ Bonser (1929- 1947)                            A  Consistent First & Fastest Time Rider.               

Usually rode from scratch (& frequently fastest) in  the major open road races in WA from 36 miles to 210 miles including the Northern-Toodyay, N.D.C.C.Traders, Collie-Donnybrook, Guildford-Northern,  Beverley-Perth,  Perth-Yanchap, Bunbury-Kirup, Collie-Bunbury, Widgiemooltha-Coolgardie; Kalgoorlie-Coolgardie, Leonora-Menzies, Widgiemooltha-Norseman, Merridan-Northan, Kalgoorlie(Egan), City of Perth, EasternGoldfields, Midland Traders,  plus from scratch in the Warrnambool and the 1000 miles Melbourne Centenary..

 Stan Gurney.(1920-1940)                                             A Victoria  Cross  Cyclist..

Was a prominent racing cyclists when he enlisted.  Was killed in action and was postumously awarded a Victoria Cross for his extremely heroic action by alone eliminating, seemingly with his bayonet, a four man enemy machine gun nest.   

 Nick Lucas (1948-1956)                                         All Distances Road Champion for 7 Years

  The first West Australian to win the Amateur Road Championship of Australia.(1952). Won seventeen Road Championships of  W.A., from 25 miles to  100 miles.  Recorded fastest time in seven consecutive  years in the Northam to Perth 100 kilometres  Classic Road Race (1950 to 1956). Won the race in 1950 & 1951.

 Norm Burdus. (1947-1955)                                          Press Rated as W.A.’s  Greatest

In six West. Australian Road Opens Norm Burdus broke four course records, won three Titles, and gained Fastest Time in all six starts.    From 1947 to 1952 , he won fifteen State Championships and was twice an Australian Champion..    In1952  he was awarded ‘Australian Roadman of the Year’

 Jessie Pengilly (1933-1945)                                           A World  Class Woman Cyclist      

 Tragically killed in a car collision in 1948 at the age of  27 yrs.   Jessie had broken numerous State/   Australian & some World track & road records from 5 miles to 100 miles, plus ‘fastest time’ in road classics up to 116 miles.  Broke three  Australian records on Rollers—25miles, 0ne Hour, 50 miles

 Steele Bishop (1963-1985)                                                 A Super World Champion    

 Won many State & Australian Championships, road and track.  An Olympian in 1972 (Munich)  Classic track wins included the Sydney 1000, the Latrobe, the Austral, the Burnie.  Won (easily) the Pursuit Championship of the World at Zurich, Switzerland in 1983.

 Barry Waddell (1954-1975)                                              A Great All-rounder –Road & Track 

Won State & Australian Championships as a Western Australian, and from 1960  as a Victorian.   Three times Fastest in the Melbourne to Warrnambool    Won five Six Day  races  with different partners (1963 to 1969)   Barry was rated by the media as the best all round cyclist in Australia..

 Peter Panton (1949- 1965)           Prolific All-rounder—Pursuits/Road Tours/Six Day races

Australian Pro. Pursuit Champion 1959/60/61.   Twice won the Sun Tour of Victoria.   Won Six Day races with Sid Patterson, with Bill Lawrie, with Kevin Steifler..  Thrice won Mercury Tour of Tasmania,   Won Beverly/Perth (1979) & Fastest Time twice.   Fastest Time in  Northam to Perth


Research in progress (info. invited) re –J. Beck, A. J. Brown, T. Jewell, H. K. Kingsbury, R. O. Law, Jack Parsons, Bill Smith, L.K./H.K./E.H. Smith (Bros.) Geoff Baker, Bill McDonald, Charles Nulty, A. J. Davies, Joe Campbell. Don Campbell, Murray Hall, Ted Abbott, Phil Bristow-Stagg, Ken Norris, Henk Vogels, Tony Davis, Cec Tregellis, Eric Turner, John Oliver, Jim Oliver, Joe Pianto, Albert Pianto, Fred Jones,  Alf Schultz, Alan Bunter, Les Suckling, I. Suckling, Eddie Barron, Bev Barron, Alan Bunter, Bruce Hunt, Laurie Tognolini, Robert Ferguson, Phil Kidd, Henry Lewington, Lyndsay Cox, Clarrry Hault, Bill Mantova, Vic Brown (WA./VIC).          (Research contact for WA–Ken Ward.- Phone 9364 3601, 48B Tain St. Applecross, W.A.  6153 ---- Assisted by Geoff. Baker.)

 South Australia.  

A.J.Clark, W.K.Moritz, Dean Whitehorne, Dean Toseland, Arne Bate,

A. J. ’Jackie’Clark .(1904-1915)                                          An Aussie  revered in America

A very  popular  Australian cyclist in America.    Consistently won Sprint Matches, Scratch Races, Teams Races, Six Day Races in Europe, America, Australia.   Had match wins over Frank Kramer, Alf Goulett, Major Taylor, Walter Rutt, Joe Fogler,  Henri Mayer, Victor Duypre ,and all the other wheel wizards of those boom years.     Won the ‘Most Popular Sportsman in America’ award.

 W. K. ’Bill’ Moritz. (1930-1940)                                       A Great All-rounder-- Killed in Action           

One of Australia’s greatest all-round cyclists.  A tremendous success record road & track.  As Flight-Sergeant William Kevin Moritz was killed in action over English Channel in November ,1943.    A very respected and popular champion in every State.  

Dean Whitehorne.(1944-2000)                                       Over Fifty Years of Winning                                            

Probably Australia’s most versatile track cyclist. National Sprint Champion 1946 & 1947 and won inaugural Australian 4000m.Pro.Pursuit Championship in 1951.   His success rate throughout  50 years of track and road (up to 50 miles) is probably an Australian best    Has won 25 State & Australian Titles and since 1977 , 120 Veteran Gold Medals.  

 Dean Toseland (1924-1945)                                             Another Great SA. Roadman

1930 won Aust. 10 mile Title. 1939 First in 30 years to take 1st, & time in Warrnambool (& Title of Aust. Long Distance Champion). 1940-Again Long Distance Champ.   Rode from scratch in other States with a great record of ‘time’ wins including  Lithgow –Bathurst (Return) in heavy rain. 

 Arne Bate(1929-1936)                                                            A Sprinter Supreme

A sprinter almost unbeatable in all track disciplines. Had match wins over top SA sprinters Moritz ,Toseland, Thurgood, Brady,& visiting champs. Jack Fitzgerald(Vic), Grant Pye (NSW),  Won match races in Tas, Sydney, Brisbane. plus the ‘5’ or ‘10’ mile at each carnival   ..

 Research in progress(info.invited) re –Keith Thurgood, Frank Thomas, Eddie Wilksch, Fred Scheps, Richard Davis, J. Mullins,  Frank Spears, Murray Aunger, Alby Barlow, Syd Rowe, Garry Neiwand,    (Research contact for SA- Des Keegan  Phone 08 8296 1850.---21 Sutton Avenue, Seacombe Gardens, S.A. 1850. (Assisted by –Ron Jenkins, Jim Nestor, Bill Oliver.& the late Keith Thurgood) .


Alf Grenda, Frank Beauchamp, Graeme French, Danny Clark

Alf Grenda (1907-1926)                                                 Australias First World Champion

Alf Grenda won the World Tandem Championship (with Walter de Maria) in 1912. He had match victories over Reg McNamara, Perc. Mutton ,Bob Spears, Moretti of Italy, & American Ivor Lawson,    In  pursuits he beat Alf Goulett and World unpaced champ. Oscar Egg.  He was beaten by inches by Frank Kramer in the 1912 World Sprint final.  From 1914 to 1920 he had several wins & placings in major Six Day races.  Always highly geared.   Many of his victories were due to his great strength                                          .

Frank Beauchamp (1894-1903)                                          Famous Tasmanian All-rounder

 Had victories over Bill Martin,& Ivor Lawson.   Best Aust win was the M. B. C. Handicap from scratch and two Scratch race at the same International studded meeting in Melbourne in 1899,  plus the Aust Cup.   In 1900, won  Victorian. Mile Champ and a narrow loss to Ivor Lawson in a Mile Aust. Title.    Won the Launceston to Hobart in 1874.      A top motor paced match rider.                   


Graeme French (1943- 1960)                                               World Motor Paced Champion

 In Tasmania won major wheelraces at Burnie, Devonport, Darwin, & the Government Derby (Wynyard/Ulverstone/Burnie) in 1952.  Was awarded ‘Allround Champion of Essendon board track Melbourne    Broke the World Motor-paced Hour record at Antwerp in 1954.   Won the World Professional Motor Paced Championship in1956 at age 29.

Danny Clark (1969-1992)                                             One of Australias Greatest.All-rounders Rated as one of the top three -at least- best all-round track cyclists Australia has produced     Won 74  International Six Day races from 234 starts. (The second highest ever number of starts of any rider).   Won four World Championships--Keirin and Motor Paced.   Had amazing early years in Australia (including 1972 Olympics) then spent most of his racing career in Europe.    

 Research in progress(info.invited) re-  Ron Grenda (A nephew of Alf Grenda), W. J. ’Mac’Sloane, Len Jamieson,  Neville Veale,  Frank Atkins, Grant Atkins, Laurie Venn, Fred Keefe(1898-1905), Taniel Leslie(1961-1980), Neville Allison, Alan Angus, Viv Blazely, Roly Sloane, Michael Leslie, S ’Jack’ Kinnane, A. Bishop, Alfred Crisp, Frank Smith, Steve Barker, R. Beauchamp, M. Coombe, Fred Davis, Viv Green, R. Harris, G. Hawkesford, J. Hicks, A. Jones, G. Males, E. Meadowcraft, M. McQueen, Ossie Nicholson, Keith Oliver (sen), W. H. Tyson, L. Woodward, J. H. Royle, R. J. Laskey, R. J. Ransome, P. B. ’Brusher’ Clark, R .L. Cubit, Don Hodgkinson, Murray Picket, Alex Osborne, Charlie Smith, Tony Hobson, Jim Hill, H. Dowling, Ron Murra.y, Terry Higgins, Don Scoles, K. Kilmartin, John Campbell, Nigel Barwick, Michael Wilson, Ian Campbell, D. Gleeson, Graeme Gilmore, Michael Grenda, Kevin Morgan, Graeme McVilly, Kerry Woods, Grant Rice, Terry O’Shaugnessy,  plus, in due course, a separate listing of Super Elite Women Cyclists.

(Research contact for Tas. – Terry Higgins.P.O.Box 1634, Launceston, Tasmania 7230.


Alf Goulett, Sir Hubert Opperman, Russell Mockridge, Bill Guyatt, Sid Paterson, Keith Reynolds, Richard Ploog, Gordon Johnson

Alf Goulett; (1908-1926)                                              Our Greatest pre War(1) All-rounder

No doubt,  Australias greatest all-round cyclists of the early Twentieth Century years.   A Six Day race specialist with a string of such victories, with different partners,  in Australia, America, and Europe.  Won the All-round Track Title of America in1917.    He could and did win in any discipline, on any type of racing surface.   In those years there were some board tracks; some sealed and many still only rolled gravel or grass.     Still an active man, he died in 1994 at age 1002.

 Sir Hubert Opperman. (1920-1949)                            Australias Most ProlificRecord Breaker

 Probably  the greatest and best known unpaced cycling record breaker of all time. Many of his records in Australia, England, & Europe will never be broken.  Won (or fastest time) in  many Australian road handicap classics.   Entered politics, became Minister  for Immigration in 1963.  Knighted by the Queen in1968.

 Russell Mockridge (1946-1958)                               A Mighty Cyclist in every Discipline

Generally rated as the greatest all-round post World War/2.  cyclist in Australia, both as an Amateur and  as a professional.  Killed in a collision with a bus in 1958, whilst racing.    A profile to follow will cover his many international level victories, such as four Olympic ‘Gold’,  Grand Prix of Paris as an amateur over World pro champs,  road victories in Australian Titles,  Sun Tour of Victoria,  Warnambool to Melbourne,  Midlands Tour, etc. etc.        

 Bill Guyatt (1933-1955)                                              Another Prolific All-round Winner  

 Another popular crowd drawing top Australian sprint cyclist.  Won 20 or more Australian Titles (Amateur  & Professional).    A Sprint match race specialist with at least 300 victories in that discipline.  Won Australia's longest one day  road handicap – the Melbourne to Warnambool.of over 160 miles.   Won two Six Day races.  Broke several World  sprint  records.

Sid Patterson  Sid Patterson (1940-1968)                      An International Super Champion

 Probably Australia's most popular cyclist.   World Championship wins were--1949 Amateur Sprint, 1950 Amateur Pursuit, 1952 & 1953 Professional Pursuit.  In 1949 Sid won the Helms Award,  1950  Equal first in, ‘The Best Cyclist in the World ‘ Paris Award.   In Australia  was a multiple winner of Australian Track Titles & major Wheelrace handicaps including the Victorian ‘Austral’.


Keith Reynolds (1943-1963)                                           Capable of Anything on the Track                                  

 A most colourful all-round Australian track cyclist.   Won National Titles both Amateur & Professional.,  Was All-round  Track champion of Australia in 1953 & 1954.        

Raced in New Zealand and Europe.   Was placed ‘behind scratch’ in Victoria for ‘big money wins’

 Richard ’Dick’ Ploog  (1948-1962)                                  A Top Bracket & Popular Sprinter.

 A sprint & track time trial specialist who won ‘Gold’ at Vancouver 1954( Empire Games), and Cardiff 1958 (C/wealth Games) plus two World Bronze medals     Winner of fifteen Australian Amateur and Professional Championships.   Broke World record  over 200 metres sprint  finish     In 1994 won Gold in World Masters Games in Brisbane.

 Gordon Johnson (1960-1975)                                             A Sprint World Champion

 After Gordon Johnson won the World Professional Sprint Title at Leicester in 1970 he was hailed by the press as ‘what sprint cycling needed  in Europe’.  He lived up to the expectations, but he lost the Title to Dutchman Leijn Loevesijn at Varese, Italy in 1971.     In 1972, in Marseilles, he again  won silver- behind Belgian Robert van Lancker.   Gordon was an Olympian  in 1964 at age 17 and again in 1968 having twice won the Australian Junior Sprint Title , plus Australian Amateur Sprint Championships in 1964(Warrugal),1965 (Lake Monger),1967 (Launceston),& in 1968 (Sydney)- beating John Nicholson (who later won the  World Sprint Title -1975 & 1976)    Gordon again beat Nicholson at Brisbane in 1969, but finished second to him at Brunswick in 1970.   Into the 20th Century and Gordon became President of the Victorian Mailott Jaune Club.       .

 Research in progress (info. invited) re- Jack Hoobin, Jack Fitzgerald, Alby Barlow  Don Kirkham, John Beasley (Sen & Jun), Paddy Hehir, Hec Sutherland, George Broadbent(1895), Tassy Johnson, R.W. ’Fatty’ Lamb, W. F. ’Hefty’ Stewart, Frank Thomas, Pat Veitch,  Ernie Milliken,  Max Rowley, Keith Rowley. Ernie Pye  and others,  plus, in due course, a listing of Super Elite Women Cyclists.

(Research contact for Vic.- John Green, Secretary Mailott Jaune Club, 73 Highland Avenue, Oakleigh East, Victoria,  3166. 


Ben Goodson, Bob Walne, P. S. Berry, Les Munro, The Rodgers, The Sheppards, Fred Wruck, Tom Wallace, Les Cecil

Ben Goodson   (Rockhampton)  (1895-1906).                  A Very Successful International.

One of Australia’s first cycling representatives.    In 1897,at Glasgow, and 1899 at Montreal  he competed for Australia in  the amateur Championships of the world.   He rode from scratch in International track handicaps in Scotland and England with frequent success. After Montreal, Goodson competed in America.   He won American amateur titles over ¼ mile, ½ mile and 3 miles.       His championship victories in Australia had included 1895 Qld. State Mile, 1897 Qld. 3 miles,  1898 Qld. 5 miles.   In 1896 Aust. 10 miles and in 1898 Aust. ½ mile, mile and10 miles.

 Bob Walne  Qld/Vic.   (1894-1902)               National Title & ‘Big money’ handicap  winner

Spent most of his racing days in Victoria and South Australia.    He was one of the very few Australians capable of matching Irish/Aust. Champion “Plugger” Bill Martin.  Bob Walne won Australian titles regularly from 1896 including 1896  5 miles,& the Mile in 1899 and 1900.   The “Ten” in 1900 and the “Five” again in 1902  plus the National “½ Mile Sprint.” In 1902.    His “Wheelrace” victories were a worry to professionals making a “nice” living from cycling in those years.   Major handicaps he won from the scratch mark included Adelaide 2 miles (1897)  Sydney Wheelrace (1896), Winter Handicap 1896, and the Bendigo Cup 1897. As a tandem rider he was twice on the dais as  National Champion.     His most important “beaten” ride was a second place to Charles Kellow in  the 1896 Victorian “Austral”.

 P.S. Berry    (1900-1906)                  A prolific winner of Qld & Australian Championships

Queensland’s most prolific title winner around the turn of the Century.   He won Australian Championships in 1903 - 1/2 mile, Mile/10 miles,  in 1904 - Mile/5 miles/10 miles), and in 1906 -Mile/5 miles   He was also a Queensland champion at short distance road racing.   He won the 25 miles in 1903, 1905 and 1906.        He was the Queensland 5 Miles Champion in 1903, 1904, 1905 and 1906.   He also won the Mile title in 1904,1905 and 1906.   In  1904 he held the Australian motor paced flying start record over ¼ mile.

Jack King    (1913-1920)                                            Queensland’s First Olympian.

Jack’s racing career commenced in 1913 as a junior.  He won the “Under 18” State Mile and 25 Miles  Road, and successfully defended those titles in 1914, plus a member of the winning road Premiership team.     The 1914/18 World War(1)  interrupted all amateur cycling in Australia, but Queensland promoted some championships in 1947 and Jack King won a 3 Miles title

State titles he won after the war were – 1919  5 miles,  1920  .1/2 mile/10 miles,   1923  ½ mile.

He was Australian 10 miles champion and an Olympian (at Antwerp) in 1920.

 Les Munro    (Brisbane)    (1918-1927)                         Winner of 25 Qld.& Aust. Titles.    

Started racing at age 15.As a “junior” was Queensland champion on both road and track, including  Qld State Titles  1918 - 1/2 mile and 15 miles road.   1919 - Mile, 5 miles and 15 miles road.   In 1920 he won the Junior 5 Miles, the Road Championship again, and went on to win the State Senior Amateur 10 miles.   From 1921 he won State Senior Amateur Championships over ½ mile (4 times), Mile (3 times), 5 Miles (4 times) 10 Miles (twice) and the 25 Miles Road.

His Australian title wins were – 1923- Mile,  1924- 5 Miles (twice- both the Centenary and RNA Titles),  1926- ½ Mile and the ½ Mile again in 1927.

 The Rodgers (Father & Sons)  Bundaberg/Mackay  (1910-1940)   A ‘Champion Family

Ted Rodgers senior was  Professional Sprint Champion of Queensland for 10 years, and won more than 400 road and track events.   He competed in races in other States including the Melbourne to Warrnambool & represented Queensland in Australia’s first “Six Day race” in 1912.   His family of 4 girls and 6 boys all rode bicycles.   They built a steeply banked very small diameter circular Oregon pine board track which was portable and labelled the “Wall of Death:”.   Two sons – Ivor and Ted –  rode the “Wall” at high speed and close to the upper edge.  

Ted Rodgers “junior” won the 1938 Melbourne to Warrnambool race.

 The Sheppards (Father & Sons)   (1903-1947)                               All were Champions

The Sheppard Family of Maryborough were an outstanding cycling family.   The father,

Fred, started his cycling career in the early 1900s.   He won many Queensland titles on both road and track, including  the 25 mile road  in 1914.   His son,  Eddie won the 50 miles State Title in

Bundaberg in 1922 and the 10 miles Australian in Mackay in 1923.   The next son to achieve success was Eric, who, in1933, won  the 100 miles State Title, and again in 1947, in Brisbane. 

 Fred  Wruck         (1924-1927)                                                  Won 10 Titles in 4 Years                     

Fred won ten Queensland Amateur Championships in four years.   They included  – 1924 - ½ Mile,

1924/25&27- 10 Miles.   He was 10 miles Amateur Champion of Australia  in 1926.

 Tom Wallace         (1923-33)                                                     State Titles Track & Road

Tom Wallace, Fred Wruck and Les Munto were the outstanding State championship winners of the post World War(1) Queensland amateur cycling era.      Tom’s victories included – 1923 - 5 miles Track and 25 miles Road,  1928 - ½ Mile, 5 Miles & 10 Miles road,  1929 -½ Mile, 5 Miles.  1930 - ½ mile, 3 miles, 5 miles.   1932 - 5 miles.   1933 -a member of winning the State Premiership Team.

 LesCecil                 (1928-1939)                                                 Unpaced Specialist       

Les was well known in all States for his unpaced town to town rides.    His best ‘official’  performances were the ‘Melbourne to Albury’ (191) miles  and the ‘Albury to Sydney’ 300 plus miles, in 1928, then the Australian 7 days unpaced record of 1675 miles he set in 1936.    He came out of retirement in 1951 to represent Queensland as a Jubilee Courier of  ’Messages of Loyalty’ by cyclists, from all Capital Cities, converging on Canberra with messages collected from most Australian towns for delivery to Prime Minister Robert Menzies upon the steps of Old Parliament House.


Research in progress(info invited) re- Harry Clayton, Linda Orrow, Col Caves, Kenrick Tucker, Bill Heseltine, Jim Cross, Mike Glindeman, Ray Meredith, Des Thompson, Robert Crossley, Darren Smith, Les Cecil, Jos Powell, Ken Caves, Joyce Dilger, Joe Sheehan, F. Manuel, A. Belford, 

Des Thompson, Jayson Phillips, S. Williams, Michael Aisbett, Peggy O’shea, Arch McLennan,  plus, in due course, a separate listing of Super Elite Women Cyclists.  Research contact for Qld,- Jean & Bill James, 245 Cleveland-Redlands Bay Rd., Thornlands, Qld.  4164  &  Cyc/S  assistance by .Ivan Hope.(Sydney)

 N.S.W.& A.C.T.  

Reggie McNamara, Geroge Horder, Bob Spears, Cecil Walker, Dunc Gray, Lionel Cox

Reggie  McNamara - Dubbo.    (1912-1933)             Iron Man of International Six Day racing                            Most  successful pre W.W/2 Six Day race Australian.   Regarded as the tough man of professional six day racing, with a lengthy record of horrific falls over his career of more than 20 years.   A tremendous result of more than 20 victories and as many seconds or thirds against  the international giants of Six Day professional cycling throughout these years.    ‘Iron Man’ McNamara also won in many other race disciplines, including match racing and the very crowd pulling teams events over distances up to 100 kilometres.   He had such a win with Australian Bob Spears.   His winnings up to 1933 reached an amount equivalent, in the year 2000, to at least two million dollars.

 George Horder & Sons Harris & Horrie     (from 1905)      Internationally Famous Family

Rated as Australia’s most successful “Father & Sons Cycling Family”.   George’s match race wins included beating George Farley (Vic) and Alf Grenda (Tas)  L.C. “Bowie” Stevens (Vic), Fred Hepner (Vic).    With Harry Summers (NSW) he won a 24 hr.  teams race in 1914 and won the “Sydney Wheel” in his early “forties”.   Father George and son Harris finished first and second in an “Aces Five” and George with son Horrie finished second in a teams race over 60 miles.  Harris rated as a “World Sprinter” had wins over Bowie Stevens (Vic), “Jumbo” Wells (N.Z),  Jack Fitzgerald (Vic), Arthur Spencer (USA), Bill Bailey (U.K) and over Hubert Opperman in a motor paced match.   His best win was the Sprint Championship of America when track cycling was a top professional sport in the “States”.   Horrie was not as successful as brother Harris, but he was a worthy partner to Harris in teams racing.   He specialised in motor paced racing with regular wins in scratch races.   His best result was a second to Cecil Walker in the “across the season” American All-round Championship in 1930.

 Bob Spears  - Dubbo          (1912-1920)                        Australias first World Sprint Champion            

Was acclaimed in Europe, before the 1914/18 World War,  as the fastest cyclist in the World.  In 1920 he won the Sprint  Championship of the World .     He won match races over all the top sprinters in 11 different countries, including- Ellegard(4 times), Dupry(4 times), Sergent(4 times), Pouchios(4 times), Perchicot (twice), Poulain (twice), Moeskops ( twice), Trouve (twice), plus VanBever, VanKempe, Rosseau, Morreti, La Louviere, and Leane.  He won  teams races up to 100 kilometres with different partners.  He won the Chicago Six Days race with  Iron Man McNamara in 1916.    

 Cecil Walker    (1919-1937)                                  Nine Years Champion of America

The racing career of Cecil Walker was from a slow beginning in amateur club racing.   First important success was in winning the NSW Amateur “Five” & “Ten” in 1919.   He turned “professional” soon after and quickly improved.     Board track racing in America attracted him and he soon became popular as an all-rounder.    By 1924 he became the All-round Champion of America and held the title for nine consecutive years.      He spent much of his time training on ships travelling to Europe and back to Australia.    His successes “back home” included 100 km. teams races and team match races with Alic McBeath, and various individual match race wins over top sprinters of those “boom” years.   In 1924 he teamed with Frank Corry and won the “Sydney Six” (days).   As a sprinter he was three times the American Champion on a points basis over the season., and had teams match victories partnered with Alf Goulett (Aust) and Ptani (Italy).   Back in Australia again he competed with success at the Canterbury Velodrome until around 1937.


Dunc. Gray   -  Goulburn (1925-1941)                                   Australia’s first Gold Olympian.

Duncan Gray was a track sprint and time trial specialist, but his first major success was in winning  the 1926 Five Miles Championship of NSW from George  Parlour and Cec Burness.   Burness was able to beat him into second place in the 10 Miles title.   From 1926 to 1941 Dunc Gray won 28 NSW Track Championships from ¼ mile to 10 miles.    He was the NSW 1000 metres time trial and/or the 1000 metres sprint winner on eight occasions.   The top NSW amateurs to finish second behind Gray in NSW championships included  Len Sanden, Horrie Pethybridge, Stan Parsons, George Huddlestone, Dick Barton, Arthur Betteridge, Jack Clarke, Billy Beer, Bob Porter, Stan Steen, Bruce Cooper and Frank Gould.   Gray also won 13 Australian championships over track distances,  beating, into second place, high calibre amateur cyclists of the pre World War 2 years, including Alan Scott, Bob Porter, Noel Ballard,  Tom Reid, Frank Gould, Horrie Pethybridge, J. Powell.Qld, ArthurBetteridge,and StanParsons,    He represented Australia at the Olympics in 1928-Amsterdam, 1932-Los Angeles, 1936-Berlin.   He won the 1000 metres Time Trial at Los Angeles in World and Olympic record time (1.13)    He had won the Bronze in 1928 and was Flag Bearer at Berlin in 1936.     Cycling  was the only Australian sport to win “Gold” at Los Angeles.  The “Dunc Gray” Velodrome, built for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, was named soon after he died, aged 92 years, in 1997.


Lionel Cox    -  Marrickville (1948-1955)                      Tandem Gold with Russell Mockridge

Lionel Cox was a powerful amateur track sprint match race cyclist from 1948 to 1955.   He won a total of seven NSW and Victorian Sprint Championships, plus twice the Time Trial Title over 1000 metres.   He won two State Mile titles 1950-51 and the Australian “Mile” in 1951, plus a second to Russell Mockridge in the Australian Amateur Sprint..    He was supreme in special amateur match race appearances in NSW, Victoria and West Australia.       In 1953, at international level, he won Grand Prix Sprints at Hanover Germany and Aarnus Denmark and a third placing in the Paris Grand Prix,  plus a fourth in the 1953 World Sprint Title in Switzerland.     He twice set amateur sprint records in Denmark.   As a 1952 Helsinki Olympian  he was narrowly beaten by Sacchi (Italy) into second place in the Sprint, but won the Olympic tandem title together with Russell Mockridge.  

Both Cox and Mockridge had to represent Australia at Helsinki at their own expense.     Into the 21st Century and Lionel was awarded an O.A.M.  He became  an honorary coach twice a week at the Tempe; Sydney cycling velodrome.

 Research in progress (info. invited) re-   Wally Coppins, Frank Corry, Alic McBeath, Jack Standen Fred Nelson, Jim Beer, Jerry Gould, Edgar Johns, Gerald Halpin, Arthur Scotton, Stan Burtinshaw, Ray Brooking, John Tresidder, Joe Buckley, Stan Parsons,  Ken Ross, Alan G. Scott, Hughie Smith, Jack Walsh, Bob Ryan, Ernie Scotton,  Garry Sutton, Keith Oliver (jun), Len Rogers, Noel Ballard, Jimmy Beer, Bob Porter, Frank Brazier,  Horrie Pethybridge, Neil Peadon, Malcolm McCredie, Edna Sayers, Michael Crowe, Kerry Hoole, Alf Strom & Roger Arnold, Alex Fulcher, Rob Whetters, Harry Vincin, Eddie Salas, Dudley/Rodney/Ray Crowe (Brothers), Michael Crowe, and others, plus a separate listing of Super Elite Women Cyclists.       Research contact- Sid Freshwater, 12 Hawkesbury Esplanade, Sylvania Waters,  NSW.  2224.  

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