6 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Ever gone through the excruciating pain when you find out that you haven’t lost weight even after dieting and working out for a period of time? Well, that’s something all of us have gone through and it’s a lesson to learn from. If you are not losing weight, you have to fix it by figuring it out properly. Either your diet is not right or it’s something to do with your lifestyle. Minor slip-ups are as common as Instagram but major slip-ups are just a big no-no.

Want to know why you aren’t losing weight despite your efforts? Let’s find out!

You Are Not Sleeping Enough

Yes sleep, sleeping is absolutely crucial no matter what or how you have scheduled your life. If you do not get a proper rest your body fails to function as effectively as you want it to be. Yes, a couple of cups of caffeine may help, but it’s just temporary and unhealthy too might I add. At least 7 to 9 hours is crucially important. Actually, lack of sleep could promote overeating or drinking and end up promoting weight gain. Sleep deprivation will also make you cranky and tired and confused and irritated.

You Are Stressed Out

Again simple things in our life really affect our fitness plans. Yes, true some people lose weight when they are stressed up but that’s unhealthy too. It’s just like lack of sleep, you will moody and irritated and end up resorting to eating and drinking to reduce it. Find positive ways to reduce stress like working out, yoga or take a weekend off.

You Are Eating A Lot

Well, there goes your perfect diet. Exercising alone is never sufficient. It is equally important to follow a proper diet regime. Burgers and pizzas don’t do much justice to 15 minutes on the treadmill. Plan and stick to a diet. Use a journal and record your calorie intakes. Analyze your existing diet and upgrade it by lowering your calorie intake.

You Are Not Working Out Enough

Sometimes 30 minutes on the treadmill prove to be insufficient. Your workout plan needs to include a collection of weight loss exercises like cardio, HIIT, running and weight lifting. There is a collection of exercises available. Just incorporate a couple of them and do it right. If that still is insufficient it’s time to increase the time and intensity levels. You can get personal training from online instructors like 28 by Sam Wood.

Your metabolism is low

Metabolism affects weight loss a great deal. To overcome this problem consume foods and drinks that boost your metabolism. Like protein and green tea. Some of the most common metabolism boosters. Sleep properly, refrain from sitting too much, Work out more and drink plenty of water.

You Have A Medical Condition

There are some factors that affect weight loss and are out of our control. Genes and hormonal imbalance, sex differences, age, and different body types affect weight loss. If you are not losing weight even after strictly following a plan instead if you are gaining weight consult your doctor. Thyroid conditions, medications, and treatments for diabetes, steroid medications and antidepressants block your body from losing weight.

Different people have different reasons for not being able to lose weight. It is very important to remember that keeping your weight within your BMI is crucial.

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