How to Be a Sailing Enthusiast in the 21st Century?

With the rapid advancement in technology, every aspect of life has changed drastically. Life has become more convenient to everyone as there is a touch of technology at every turn. Even the simple things of life such as farming and sailing have taken a turn with the addition of technology. It is no longer necessary for farmers to get themselves in the muddy field and carry out the work hands-on. Now there are advanced machines that plough the field, plant the seeds and even water them with a simple touch of a button. Sailing has also been improved greatly with technology; it has been made convenient in many ways such as improved navigation, enhanced motors, GPS systems, controlling systems etc.

It’s More a Lifestyle

Being a sailor of the 21st century is so much more different from one in the earlier ages. In this era, it’s considered more of a lifestyle than a simple activity and is usually enjoyed by the more affluent people of the society. However, it now becoming easier for the general crowd of people to take up sailing as a hobby due to shops reducing prices and making things available to a larger crowd.

Gear and Equipment

Sailing is not simply getting on a boat and going across the ocean, and having the sailboat or yacht is not sufficient for a true sailing enthusiast. Sailors love to have accessories and add-ons for their sailing adventures. The attire that a sailor wears for sailing has changed drastically, now there are suits designed specifically for the purpose of sailing in style. Many shops now have affordable Ronstan watches, a renowned brand among sailing enthusiasts. Wristwatches that are waterproof are becoming more and more common among the sailing crowd as the technology has developed them into useful tools that can be easily utilized during a sailing trip, for example; they can easily be used for navigational purposes as almost all of them come with built-in GPS systems, some very high tech watches come with the ability to link the watch to the boat control system and simply control the boat with the touch of a button on your wrist.

Luxury Yachting

For people who love the luxurious life, they prefer to purchase yachts as opposed to boats for their sailing needs. They consider their sail across the ocean more of a vacation where they relax, enjoy the luxury and sail across the ocean. Some of the very high tech yachts have more facilities than some hotels themselves with grand rooms, lavish dining spaces, sitting areas with extravagant furniture, hardwood floors, decadent food, large high res television screens, game rooms etc., all in the space of the yacht sailing across the sea. Most people who go on a vacation-like trip in a yacht prefer to hire a captain to drive the yacht rather than having to do the work themselves. These types of yachts have a large control room with the latest tech that makes sailing the yacht so simple as if it almost doesn’t need supervision. They have built-in sensors that measure all the critical values such as pressure etc., which feed into the navigation system and generate the best path to take to reach the desired destination.

 It truly is amazing how far technology has brought, from the early days when the sailors had to paddle across using manpower, now everything is simply controlled by the touch of your finger on your wrist.

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