How to Buy Professional Nets for Different Types of Sports?

Some of the most popular sports today are “net sports,” which require some sort of netting as part of the play. Buying sports nets doesn’t sound like the hardest thing in the world. Some sports merchandise kits may even include nets as part of the purchase. However, if you are running a sports club professionally or at a school athletics capacity, finding the right net is just as important as buying other important equipment. Here is a brief guide for purchasing sports nets for any type of sport:

Decide between Standard and Custom Net Sizes

Start by deciding whether you want to buy standard nets that are premeasured, or whether you want to have custom sized nets designed by a provider. This decision may depend on the sport as much as preferences. For example, a game like tennis often comes with acceptable standard sized nets. However, another like cricket netting would require having custom products designed by a qualified provider. Custom nets may cost more compared to standard nets, therefore you should carefully assess this decision.

Select the Right Mesh Size

You should also start by selecting the mesh size you want. This would largely depend on the requirement of the sport’s procedures. But the venue and arena requirements may also come into play, in addition the size of the ball the net is supposed to catch. For example, sports with large balls like volleyball and football require large mesh sizes that can go up to 4 inches. Smaller ball sports, like tennis and baseball, only require a mesh around an inch or so. Mesh nets for large ball sports are surprisingly quite affordable because the spaces on the mesh are bigger. Small ball sports, on the other hand, require more material to make so the meshes are more expensive.

Choose the Style of the Net

The nets have their own styles independent of the mesh size. Nets are often categorized based on the protection they offer. When a net acts like a barrier in a sport, as it does in softball and tennis, it comes with features like a fully enclosed tunnel. Nets for goalies may not need similar features. Therefore, pick the style of the net very carefully depending on the sport in mind.

Determine the Dimensions

Would the net have to be inserted inside a barrier with a top and sides, as it does in baseball hitting case? If so, you need to measure the dimensions of the battier for the net. You would need to know the length and height of the sporting venue in question to set up the net. Remember that dimensions should be carefully chosen because a net cannot be too large or too small, as that would hinder gameplay.

Understand the Materials

Modern sports nets are either made from nylon or polyester. Nylon is durable, but expensive. Polyester is not as durable as nylon, but is waterproof and less pricey. Polyester is the material recommended for outdoor sports nets. You should decide whether polyester or nylon is the best material for the sporting net you have in mind.

Once you go through the above steps, you would be ready to purchase the right sporting net for your needs.

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