How to Feed the Coffee Monster in You on Your Upcoming Birthday

Are you a self-named coffee monster? If you are, then a coffee themed birthday gift to yourself would be perfect for your upcoming birthday. Here are a few gift ideas to consider.


Enrol In a Coffee Brewing Class

Are you tired of making mediocre coffee? Have you all but given up on brewing the perfect cup of coffee yourself? Are you spending extraordinarily at coffee shops, just to feed your coffee monster? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s possible that a coffee brewing class to teach you to brew like a barista will interest you. Not only will you finally be able to make your own perfect cup, you’ll also be able to entertain in style.

Splurge on a Fancy Machine That Will Help You Brew Your Favourite Coffee Right At Home

If your coffee brewing is already in great quality, and you are ready to explore with brewing a little more, and you’re ok with splurging a little bit this birthday, then consider getting yourself a coffee machine. Not for the basic everyday kind of cup of coffee, but the Fancy Joes that make your mouth sing your praise. If you’re from Melbourne, then do get Coffee MIO’s professional coffee equipment.


Make Your Home Office Your Coffee Heaven

Do you spend a lot of time in your home office? If you do, then this is the perfect place to turn into a coffee heaven of your own. Doing so is simple enough. Let your coffee monster lead the way when it comes to decorating the office walls. Quirky wall decorating frames are fun to look at any day…! Get coffee scented candles for the room; lighting it up whenever it catches your fancy. You can even get yourself a coffee mug warmer that gets charged through your laptop’s USB port.


Smell Like Coffee All Day

Not satisfied with having the smell of coffee around you? Would you prefer that you have the smell on you all day, subtly, feeding your coffee monster? If you do, short from working at a coffee shop and naturally having the smell clinging to you, you could actually try coffee body scrubs (which will make your skin glow healthily), as well as coffee scented body lotions. Coffee scented lip balms are also a great idea; however, it can make you hungry for a cup, distracting you from your work and other tasks of the day.

Make Your Coffee Where Ever You Go…!

Are you the outdoorsy type of person? If so, then it’s quite possible that you might be travelling often, as well as frequenting hikes and camping. Do you miss your morning cup coffee on days like this? Are you tired of having to do with instant coffee when you’re out enjoying the nature? If so, consider buying yourself a mini coffee maker to take on the go. Cold brewing coffee makers and one cup French press makers can work quite well for the outdoors¾fitting neatly into your backpack. And the best part? It’s fairly inexpensive!

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