Tricks To Make Sure Your Family Stays Well-Hydrated This Summer

If you’re a parent and trying to get your family to stay more hydrated during this summer, then the below tricks are exclusively for you.


Wake Up With A Smile…And A Glass Of Water

In general, waking up your family with a smile is recommended. After all, how you wake up sets the mood for the rest of the day; especially with children. Along with the smile, consider bringing in a glass of water when you wake your family up, so the first thing that hits their stomach is a glass of water. Drinking water first thing in the day has many benefits, of which our favorite is that it kick starts your metabolism. As you already know, breakfast is a vital meal¾but most kids have a hard time getting hungry for breakfast. Drinking water first thing can help them get hungry and start their day right.

End The Day With A Glass Of Water

When it comes to helping kids fall asleep, developing a before bed routine is generally recommended. Washing, brushing their teeth, reading a bedtime story, can help them fall asleep in a routine time. Add drinking a glass of water to their bedtime routine. If they are prone to wetting their bed and will have a harder time controlling their bladder if they have a full glass of water before bed, reduce the quantity they consume, but still consider giving them a sip of water at least before bed.


Make Water More Readily Available At Home

Let’s face it, most of us are lazy to drink water¾especially if it’s the winter time or if you have to go all the way to the kitchen to get a sip of water. Rather than shrugging your shoulder about this issue, consider making water more accessible around your home. Always make sure you have plenty of water to drink at home. If your tap water is not safe, invest in a good water filter, or better yet, get in touch with water wholesalers in Australia to provide you with your quota. Remember to keep bottles in areas your family uses regularly like your TV area.


Make Water Sound More Interesting To Your Teenagers

If you ask us, getting teenagers to stay hydrated is much trickier than getting kids to do it. With your teenagers, shouting at them or forcing them to drink water won’t work¾as they will most likely ignore you. Instead, try to make water interesting to them based on what interests them. If your teenager plays sports or is trying to get in shape, let them know about the connection between workouts and water. If your teenager has acne prone skin, let them know the benefits of drinking water and how it helps clear their skin. Speak to them in their language.

Practice What You Preach

Above all, be sure to practice what you preach. If you lecture your family about the importance of hydrating, yet never reach for a bottle of water yourself, anything else you say about this will only fall onto deaf ears. Make a habit of drinking water the right way, and your family will follow through.

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